Favorite music videos of 2015

It was a great year for music video art, and as the year progressed, a nearly recognizable common visual language began to emerge. Could pop art be emerging out of the wild formless eclectic mishmash of the early 2000s into something that future art historians will recognize as ‘distinctly 2010s?’ Who cares, just let the art and visuals wash over you…

an absolutely mind-blowing psychedelic animation extravaganza by a group of very talented animators. this one topped many “best-of” lists, and for good reason.

beautiful motion graphics illustrating a teaching by philosopher Alan Watts. Aaron Paradox is a newcomer as far as I know, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

the poetic post-apocalyptic space visuals bring to mind both 2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar (in a good way)

beautifully filmed “real-world” particle effects

a powerful story animated with hundreds of frames hand-painted on glass

an intense shamanic initiation ritual is the theme of this video, filmed in the band’s (and my) home state of Texas

beautifully intricate visuals by complexitygraphics.com

traditional Persian music and visuals given a modern twist

a beautifully hand-animated music video with an evocative smokey atmosphere for Pink Floyd guitarst David Gilmour’s newest solo album

a creative use of 3D geometry and point clouds give this music video a unique and original look

the “mirrored timelapse” has become a popular visual style recently, and this is one of my favorite examples.

moody hypnotic neo-soul by Bonobo vocalist Szjerdene

glitchy 3D scans and glossy shading give this video a stylish edge

a dark surreal “motion poem”

stunningly hypnotic 3D motion graphics and sound design

trippy transformational hyperobjects

beautiful stylish experimental photoreal 3D graphics

abstracting the human form with experimental texturing techniques


for even more videos and music follow:

hiddenplaceTV on vimeo

hiddenplaceTV on youtube

@hiddenplace on twitter

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