Favorite Music Videos of 2016

Last year was another great year for music videos and all kind of creative short films. It’s impossible to keep up with all the amazing video art out there, so this list is not at all complete, just a short smattering of a few videos that stuck with me as we moved into the new year

Some incredible compositing and CGI work in this stunning one-shot video. If it seems reminiscent of Ex Machina, it’s because the dancer is none other than Sonoya Mizuno, who also played the Japanese android in the film

Anime is somewhat of an acquired taste for some people, but even if you’re not usually a fan of anime, this one is well worth checking out. In just a few minutes it tells a mysterious and beautiful story set in an apocalyptic future which packs an unexpected emotional punch.

Femina-X lead singer Daniela Riojas is a force of nature, creating art and music with a deep connection to nature, native peoples, and a DIY spirit

The music of Monsieur Periné never ceases to make me smile. I was lucky enough to see them perform live and it was definitely the most fun, energetic concert I saw last year. This video is a wonderful mix of 50s noir-style photography and 60s psychedelic motion graphics

A whole video of groovy hand-made psychedelic collage

A very unique rap video from Run The Jewels, especially fitting to last year’s tense political climate*

*understatement of the century

Not normally my kind of music, but I’m a big fan of Julius Horsthuis’ fractal videos, and this one packs a serious punch, both musically and visually

Very stylish dark scifi proof-of-concept short

Son Lux has released a whole series of beautifully shot videos with a dark disturbing tone and sharp social criticism. This is the most recent

A trippy vision of a techno-future afterlife

A disturbingly plausible vision of the near-future of augmented reality

A simple but cool video proves that some clever editing can give even a low-budget video a nice look

I mostly find Coldplay’s music too bland and poppy for my taste, but this video has some clever and well-done visual gags

Flowing minimalist motion graphics accompany an equally hypnotic track

A simple but captivating video featuring beautifully graded drone landscape photography

Really great CG work in this student film from Germany

A unique (and sexy) application of green screen techniques

Portland-based singer-songwriter Johanna Warren’s minimal magikal folk music evokes a raw power of personal transformation and deep introspection. Her latest album Gemini I was one of my favorite releases of last year

Is post-apocalyptic scifi comedy a thing? Well now it is. Not a music video, but awesome

for more videos, follow my hiddenplacetv playlists on Youtube or Vimeo

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