Favorite Music Videos of 2017

Time once again to list off some of my favorite pieces of music video art from the past year. Here are a few that really stuck with me…

Bjork released several incredible videos for her new album utopia but this one is hands down my favorite music video of the year. Once again masterfully directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, this video combines lush costumes with stunningly beautiful CG motion capture characters in an atmosphere of shimmering magic and scintillating light effects

A mind-blowing animation of a psychedelic trip- just when you think you know where it’s going it takes a hard left turn and dives even deeper… [NSFW]

Probably better if you know the show Rick & Morty but a crazy wild freestyle trip through a bunch of animators brains (can be a pretty scary place..)

Nightmares on Wax are back with more chilled beats and some shamanic wisdom

A dark and disturbing but ultimately hopeful vision of our present and future

Maybe a little self-indulgent but has some very striking psychedelic visuals

OK Go continues to push the boundaries of life-size stop motion, this time incorporating printers in all kinds of clever ways

Some kind of hellish dance party for discarded CGI mocap characters [NSFW]

An epic flight through a matrix of fractal alien worlds with a great original soundtrack

Some industrial robots get all punk rock… Hard to tell how much of it is “real” but it’s cool to watch

It starts with the usual depressing news about the destruction of the ecosystem but ends with an ultimately hopeful and uplifting message

A dreamlike narrative involving ancestors, peyote, religion, life and death- all shot in striking black and white

An amazing collaboration by two amazing musicians who also created the experimental DIY stop motion animation

A very catchy song and a chic use of vertical video format

It’s “just” a live performance video but the incredible musicianship and silly motion graphics make this insanely fun to watch

for more videos, follow my hiddenplacetv playlists on YouTube and Vimeo

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