Favorite Music Videos of 2017

Time once again to list off some of my favorite pieces of music video art from the past year. Here are a few that really stuck with me…

Bjork released several incredible videos for her new album utopia but this one is hands down my favorite music video of the year. Once again masterfully directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, this video combines lush costumes with stunningly beautiful CG motion capture characters in an atmosphere of shimmering magic and scintillating light effects
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Favorite Music Videos of 2016

Last year was another great year for music videos and all kind of creative short films. It’s impossible to keep up with all the amazing video art out there, so this list is not at all complete, just a short smattering of a few videos that stuck with me as we moved into the new year

Some incredible compositing and CGI work in this stunning one-shot video. If it seems reminiscent of Ex Machina, it’s because the dancer is none other than Sonoya Mizuno, who also played the Japanese android in the film

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15 scifi short films of 2015

Some of these technically aren’t scifi, and some weren’t necessarily first released in 2015, but here are some great mind-bending short films which I particularly enjoyed over the last year or so.

1. Infinite Horizon

Infinite Horizon from weareseventeen on Vimeo.

more science fact than science fiction, this short piece captures the feeling of awe and wonder that both scifi and real scientific exploration can evoke

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Favorite music videos of 2015

It was a great year for music video art, and as the year progressed, a nearly recognizable common visual language began to emerge. Could pop art be emerging out of the wild formless eclectic mishmash of the early 2000s into something that future art historians will recognize as ‘distinctly 2010s?’ Who cares, just let the art and visuals wash over you…

an absolutely mind-blowing psychedelic animation extravaganza by a group of very talented animators. this one topped many “best-of” lists, and for good reason.

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Video picks of 2014

There were so many amazing videos released this year, it’s nearly impossible to narrow my favorites down to a manageable list. This is by no means a “best of” but rather a semi-random list of videos that had a particularly memorable impact on me the past year. Enough talking, let’s get started watching!

a good introduction, touching on the current Zeitgeist of apocalypse and transcendence

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